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We carefully select the necessary materials for the products we offer to you. So what exactly does this mean? Let’s open this issue further. In our previous blog posts, we mentioned that we carefully select materials for our products that we have prepared for you. We have now explained in more detail below what types of materials we use.

Natural Timber for Wooden Furniture:

We take care to use natural timbers in the construction of our wooden furniture. We source these timbers from resilient and sustainable forests. Thus, timber ensures the longevity of your furniture. At the same time, these environmentally friendly furniture change the atmosphere of your garden. With their elegant and natural appearance, they help you create a pleasant atmosphere in your gardens.

Stainless Steel and Alloys for Metal Furniture:

There is also great effort in the use of metal furniture pieces. Because if stainless and durable steel is not used in a proper furniture, the life of that furniture will not be long. In addition, these metal furniture pieces are suitable for outdoor use and are resistant to sun, rain and other weather conditions.

Natural Rattan for Rattan Furniture:

We use natural rattan material in our rattan furniture. If you do not know what rattan material is, we can briefly say that it is a durable and flexible material. This material is especially preferred for outdoor use. In addition, our rattan furniture offers you a comfortable sitting experience.

Special Outdoor Fabrics for Fabrics and Cushions:

Cushions and fabrics used in garden furniture must be suitable for outdoor conditions and resistant to water. We offer our customers special outdoor fabrics and cushions that will last and retain their color. These materials increase the comfort of your outdoor furniture and provide convenience in terms of cleaning.

If you are selling garden furniture and there are cushions among these materials, we can tell you the following:

Your cushions and fabrics need to be suitable for outdoor conditions, that is, resistant to rain.

It should not be a material that gets dirt easily.

Your cushions need to be strong enough to maintain their integrity for a long time.

They should not fade easily by preserving their color.

Your cushions need to be comfortable.

We have all the items listed above. We have written it in articles so that you can understand it better by looking at it from an outside perspective. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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